Hello, I am Uriel Medina. I am a senior at McComb High School. This wikispace was created for Mrs. Sartin's Desktop Publishing class.

I am named after one of the seven archangels. Uriel is the Archangel of Light, recalled as the angel of light or flame of God. Interestingly enough, my parents did not know any of this when they named me. My mother simply heard the name and liked it. I am a senior in high school, so I am in an exciting phase in my life. For example, I was recently admitted to Tulane University, a very exciting accomplishment for me!

It is important to recognize certain internet safety guidelines. For example; you should not open shady looking emails! Many times they contain viruses or are actually scams, so always be careful. Also, be careful what all information you put in your social networking sites! Such information can jeapordize your online safety.

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http://urielmdn.wordpress.com A blog of mine!
This image below is an artwork piece of the Archangel Uriel
This is an image for the logo of Tulane University, where I wish to attend college.

Personal Finance

Weisbaum, Herb. "Just Say No to Store Credit Card Offers." Life Inc.

MSNBC, 6 Dec. 2011. Web. 06 Dec. 2011.


This article teachers shoppers to be saavy when shopping and offered a store credit card. Always make sure and say no because even though you are offered from 10-15 percent saving on your purchase when you sign up, you are not given appropriate amount of time to read all of the details of the contract that you are signing. If you are a frequent buyer of that certain store, you should take home the information and see if it is worth for you to sign up.


Roach, John. "Flying Robots Build 20-foot-tall Tower." Future of Technology.

MSNBC, 6 Dec. 2011. Web. 06 Dec. 2011.


This article is super interesting in showcasing just how advanced technology has gotten. Now, they have flying robots that can build stuff. In this case, flying robots in France have built flying robots that run on an “air highway” so they won't crash into each other or the tower itself. The tower will be built and displayed as the first tower built by flying robots in France. This is interesting to see where our future is headed, that maybe in the future, robots will be construction workers. It's pretty amazing though har far advanced our technology is. The bad part is that more and more, robots are taking roles that humans hold. So later in the future, robots will be taking human jobs. That's a pretty big concern.


Lewin, Tamar. "Private-College Presidents Getting Higher Salaries." Education.

New York Times, 4 Dec. 2011. Web. 7 Dec. 2011.


This article concerns presidents at 36 different private colleges earned more than $1 million in 2009, up from the 33 of the year before that. Even though their pay typically doesn't affect budgeting, it has been subject of controversy in a time where Occupy movements have syncronized to bust people "At the Top" of chains in business, and now even education. For example, Amy Gutmas, president of the University of Pennsylvania came under fire from an Occupy group because her salary was $1.3 million - even though that was only 1% of the universitiy's budget. Personally, even though such high pay doesn't really affect budget of a school and therefore won't affect academics or extracurriculars, it's still sort of surprising and scary because I am a senior in high school and know that I will most likely struggle with money during college. So to know that even the president of my school is probably making enough money to pay my tuition two, three, or even four times over, is a little disturbing. Pressure on private colleges on this matter is coming now from all fronts.

Learning With Games

Johnson, M. "Brain Training for Babies Actually Works (short Term, at Least)." BPS Research Digest.

Www.bps-research-digest.blogspot.com, 2011. Web. 07 Dec. 2011.


"Brain training" games are very widely popular for babies and kids. But do they really work? This article concentrates on how such findings are backed up by weak science, and most developement only lasts for the short term. Later in life, things like puzzles for adults also don't contribute anything intellectually for one's brain. Instead, they make you better at the task, not over all smarter. So if you do a lot of puzzles daily, you might get a little bit sharper in the brain, but you'll really only just be really good at puzzles. A conclusion reached is that the training comes quickly to babies, but it also dissipates quickly.

Quizzes for Your Subject

"Desktop Publishing Tests - Quizzes on Design Graphics Printing." Desktop Publishing Tutorials and Software Recommendations.

About.com. Web. 07 Dec. 2011.


This website shows a very wide aray of different quizzes and tests you can use for Desktop Publishing. It has quizzes for everything from parts of a document, parts of a newsletter, and other paper document questions. But it also has quizzes for graphics and computer design. The level of difficulty is from novice to expert, it all depends how advanced of a quizzer you have. A very good website.